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We bring simplicity, hard work and trust to everything we do.

Our Story

We are Smithfield Digital.


We’re a digital consultancy with a difference. We’re not just creatives or digital techies, we’re entrepreneurs, we’re the people behind our business. We get you because we are you.


We’ve always believed small business is where it’s at. We know you don’t have big budgets; we understand your time is limited, and we get how hard you’re working every day.


Our simple mission is to support entrepreneurs like us who don’t have big budgets to spend on a website. We’re here to challenge the industry ‘norm’ of confusing jargon, expensive ongoing rates and a relationship that disappears the minute your site launches. We wanted to do things differently, so we came up with a better way; beautifully designed, easy to use websites that are surprisingly affordable and profitable for you. Everything a hard-working business needs to grow online; in a language you can understand.


Team all that with our honest, personal approach, a knack for making digital simple and unlimited support and it’s no wonder we have a growing tribe of happy clients. We hope you’ll join us.

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In a former life, I worked at those so-called top-end global agencies, with big teams and senior positions.  Alongside a whole bunch of creative, talented people I designed and implemented award-winning digital solutions for a huge variety of big, well-known clients dotted around the globe.

We came together to create Smithfield Digital because we were over all the nonsense that came with bigness.

The last years in the corporate world were wonderful and taught me all I know about strategy, consulting, design, development, and everything in between. But, it was all consuming.


So in 2014, we did the scariest and as it turns out, greatest thing ever. We jumped off the corporate ladder, travelled the world with our young family and settled back here in Melbourne.

Straight from Uni I became a teacher and would find myself concocting new ways to connect with students and make complicated topics clear.  Moving into strategic leadership, I discovered my interest in the techie side of things. Rebuilding the whole school infrastructure I was thrown head first into the world of website development, design, social media, site migrations and best practices. I taught myself everything I know today from the ground up.

To me, it's all about sharing knowledge and making complex things simple.

I was lucky enough to discover there is a business that marries the teaching stuff with the techie stuff; Digital Consultancy.


For years, we dreamt of working for ourselves. We just needed some time to come up with ‘the idea’; the unique thing that would blend our backgrounds and bring out the best of us both, together.

So now we are doing it. Smithfield Digital – making digital simple, one website, one blog and one Facebook post at a time.

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