Why Smithfield Digital?

We began our journey in 2015 knowing full well that the world doesn’t need another digital marketing agency.


There are already bags of agencies out there; businesses are spoilt for choice and another agency for the sake of another agency simply doesn’t make sense.


So you might be wondering “Why Smithfield Digital, then?”


We’re a digital marketing consultancy with a difference. We’re not just creatives or digital techies, we’re entrepreneurs, we’re the people behind the business. We get you because we are you.


We’ve always believed small business is where it’s at. We understand how limited your time is, and what you’re juggling every day. We know digital marketing can be so overwhelming and you’re probably wondering what the heck hashtags, blogs, likes, retweets, responsiveness, SEO and CTA’s are.


We’re all about keeping it simple. We identify the essential from the noise and explain what matters most in a language you understand. We built Smithfield Digital from the ground up; developed our offer, identified our audience and designed how we look, feel and sound, all from scratch.


We know working on your own brand can be hard. Really hard.


The silver lining is that by doing it ourselves, we know exactly how it feels to go through the process. We work with you to nail your digital marketing in a practical way, that you can get your head around. 


Our simple mission is to support entrepreneurs like us that can’t afford to blow big budgets on their websites. We’re here to challenge the industry ‘norm’ of confusing jargon, expensive ongoing rates and a relationship that disappears the minute your site launches. We wanted to do things differently, so we came up with a better way;


  • Beautifully designed easy to use websites that are surprisingly affordable and profitable for you
  • Digital marketing that’s profitable for your business
  • No jargon – just straightforward solutions, that work, in a language you understand
  • Unlimited support; and it will be motivating, informative and empowering.


Team all that with our honest, personal approach and our knack for making digital simple and it’s no wonder we have a growing tribe of happy clients.


If any of this strikes a chord with you chat with us today; we love to discuss an idea, share a problem and explore the ways digital marketing can grow your business.

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